2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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William Joseph Confluence chestpack/backpack

Hi, in the last couple of years I was being more aware on the “secondary” equipment while being out fly fishing the places I usually fish (the northern part of Chile – Atacama Region) and I think that I have nailed it down to the “secondary” equipment that suits my needs.
I began to try to make more enjoyable my days out on the rivers I fish, specially because the morning and late evenings here can be very cold, throwing in the mix that it also can get very hot in between. Add to that the need for food and water and sometimes the occasional rain.

I started fishing with a hip pack, then a medium backpack and a hip pack, then I went through with a smaller backpack and the hip pack, then the same smaller backpack and a chest pack, then a bigger backpack and the chest pack until I finally found the William Joseph Confluence pack, buy it and give it a try.

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Fly Fishing Guide Certification and FF in 4 USA states

On October 2013 I walk another step towards my future goals and became a full time fly fishing guide on the future, the thing that really makes my soul alive.

Everything started at December 2012 to score a place in one of the greatest fly fishing guide school in Colorado at Cutthroat Anglers, you have to pay half of the course in advance to secure a spot in it. The initial plan was to do the course with my brother at the fall fly fishing guide school in 2011, but you know how is life and for one reason or another I couldn’t make it. To make this an opportunity and not a bummer I started to plan ahead to take this trip and make it a fly fishing trip also, so doing some research after the course we where fly fishing 4 states and some world famous rivers made worldwide known by some remarkable fly fishing writers.

Despite the fact that my brother already did the course, he came along. We met at the Santiago International airport heading to San Francisco California

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Help save the Golden Trout and the very first Golden Trout

Sierra Nevada‘s Volcano Creek is home of the very first Golden Trout…’Protogolden’. Today less than two dozen protogoldens remain. Help spread the word and make your contribution to make this happen. No matter if you’re from California (USA) or from any other place in the world, some being is threatened by humans… be more human and help to give the golden trout a chance to survive


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PIAA Fog Lights Install on FJ Cruiser–Non invasive

Hi, I want to share the process on installing PIAA Fog Lights on my FJ Cruiser (6MT – 2013), the goal here was to do it without drilling a hole in my ride, besides two small ones to mount the lights on the stock bumper. So I do my research on the FJ Cruiser Forum and on the web.

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Roof Top Tent (RTT)

After a lot of camping background I’m heading to the 40ties and now I’m seeking the same versatility of camping and sleeping in a tent with the added notion of comfort and speed in setting up and down the whole system… who is translated in more time on the water fly fishing. Another benefit of a RTT is that you don’t need to clear and/or clear the ground to set up the tent, this was clear a couple of weeks ago when I arrived later along the river I was planning to fish the following morning and I was forced to sleep in the car. So the quest begins and the research phase took over, not only I realized that I “need” (want) a RTT but also a roof rack to support it.

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Discovering new water, at least for me ;)

After totaling my old ride I score my dreamed one, since the former was insured and as I had some funds on my bank account… It was a full month without my fly fishing fix, as soon as I can, I loaded my new ride with a tent, sleeping bag, fly fishing gear, some snacks and a full anxiety to get my butt in to new water I was researching using satellite technology (read Google earth).

Since I don’t have a picture showing the car fill up process with camping and fly fishing gear, I introduce you to it near the drop off point where I set up my camp and started the searching quest for trout

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Totaled Ride

My old fly fishing and adventure companion was totaled on December 8th 2012, so here is part of the story and a farewell to it.

This car take me to great adventures around Chile and Argentina and despite not being a real 4×4 I could drive far and beyond, discovering new water and fly fishing destinations at the north and south of Chile and the central and south part of Argentina.

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Introduction to Ultra Light Fly Fishing (ULFF)

If you are new to ULFF or maybe you just recently bought an ULLFF equipment you can read through in order to get an idea of this niche within a niche.

Definition: By ULFF we are talking on equipment that starts at the 3wt according to the AFTMA standard all the way down to the 000wt equipment. Please note that the AFTMA standard doesn’t include the range of equipment between 0wt and 000wt as this one was introduced by Sage.


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A couple of days ago I’ve get a package from the mailman that was from Waterworks-Lamson. Exited about it I opened it up and realized that it was some spare parts I asked for to the warranty department, use them right away to get back my trusty reel in to working order Sonrisa


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