OOW 2009

Hi, just to let you know everything gone as planned, Ive already have an interview with Oracle Insurance and its product seems to handle more things than before like multilanguage and multicurrency support. It also full web based and has a versioning system for the developmen of new products/business rules
Today its gonna be the Oracle Party in which Areosmith its gonna perform.
Yesterday I went to Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco and they have hunging there the Nirvana guitar signed by all of its members.. nice stuff, did I mention that I get a 15% discount just beacause I show my Oracle badge?
Sadly I dont have pictures to share with you guys.
See you arround!

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Fly Fishing enthusiast
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One Response to OOW 2009

  1. Andrea says:

    Que toooooooooop, I wanna rock!!… besitos para tiMe alegra mucho saber que todo esta bien pero te extrañoooooooooooooooooo

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