Dique Potrerillos

This weekend the “yeseros” brothers take a trip to Dique Potrerillos in Mendoza, Argentina. We went there to fly fish looking forward to the fly fishing season opening in Chile. We also try new toys, for my bro it was his new car and the pontoon, for me it was a new bamboo rod set up and a second chance to a 2wt outfit. It was fun and relaxing.

Know I have a whole new semester ahead @MBA-UC, this one ends like a champ. Im not the best in class but I scored only A’s 😀

A few picture for you to enjoy


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2 Responses to Dique Potrerillos

  1. tyson james says:


    I was digging around on the the internet and came up with your name, I couldnt find your email but hopefully this gets to you!

    I am heading to Coyhaqiue for a DIY flyfishing adventure Feb 10, 2011. I am meeting up with a friend who has fished there before, however, he is a on the beaten path type of guy. He has been a few times, but typically targets bows and browns on wadeable streams. Which is all wonderful! He seems to have some great success, however, I am a die hard brookie fan.

    As I understand, there are brookies in Chile as well as browns or bows. I was hoping you could provide a River within a couple of hours of Coyhaique (or further, if it it warrants a drive) that has brookies. I am willing to hike for 10km, if the stream is accessed via trail or off road.

    I am a dryfly guy, so if there is another River that you suggest I try for a unique experience, I would appreciate that as well.

    Awaiting your reply,


  2. zlachevsky says:

    Hi Tyson,

    I answered your questions by email. Have fun 😀

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