Orvis Customer Service

Today I tweet about my concerns on the delivery of a brand new Orvis Superfine Touch 761-4 rod I bought from Bear’s Den on-line fly shop. Its taking too long to make it to destination (my hands) because our customs office was on strike near year end and that make the whole process a lot slower cause they are trying to catch up.

Despite all of that, Orvis customer care contacted me to let me know if they can work something out for me. That was amazing, just a tweet and Orvis customer care contacted me to help me out!!!

You realize that I’m not an endorsed Orvis guide, not even a guide. I’m not a blogger, I’m just a citizen like the guy next door.

Maybe Orvis stuff is a little bit overpriced, put at the end this things makes a huge difference in where you spend you hard earned cash.

Good for you Orvis! I’m a very happy customer of yours


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2 Responses to Orvis Customer Service

  1. Hey, Simon! Tom and I were just reading your blog! Good stuff.. .Thank you!

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