Orvis Superfine Touch 761-4

Features and context

The Orvis Superfine Touch 761-4 is a full flex fly rod, the 761-4 means that is a 7 feet 6 inches long, 1 weight AFTMA rod and 4 pieces. The weight of the rod is a mere 2.125 oz.

Orvis launched the Superfine line of fly rods in the 70’s, the first Superfine fly rods where made of bamboo with soft and delicate tapers targeted on the low AFTMA numbers. On that time a 4 weight AFTMA rod was among the lightest an delicate rods to fish with in small rivers and creeks. On of its things was the style the cork handle and rod blank was finished, instead of using a winding check they wrapped silk from the blank up to the cork giving them a unique style and beauty. This type of finishing was used on the new graphite blanks, also the blanks where left unsanded. The idea behind this graphite rods was to resemblance the slow casting stroke an delicacy of bamboo with a new lighter material such as graphite. The unsanded blanks, the Superfine style grip and the action of the rod are part of the distinctive points of the Graphite Superfine along those days till now. There is an exception with the recently passed out Superfine Trout Bum, they have their blanks sanded and the rod action was toward the mid to mid-fast action. They where launched in the mid 00’s till the Superfine replaced it this year (2011).

So Orvis listen to their customers and launch the Superfine Touch on november 2010, going back to unsanded blanks and a more full flex action. What its really new to this model is the real seat, which is an uplocking real seat with a nice wood spacer. They worked hard on the tapers of this blanks, they really hit the nail here, because this rod loads great at short and long distances. Don’t be fooled by it full flex action, it has the backbone you need to use nymphs and defeat wind.

The rod came with a very light graphite rod tube which is a plus for me as you can see in the above picture.

The new reel seat is a blessing for some and a course for others, it adds as much as an ounce to the over rod weight, but allows you to put a reel in there with confidence. Some people are fond to the old reel seat which is a cork with ring, making the rod lighter. The new reel seat allows to use a lighter reel to balance the outfit near the middle of the cork handle, where the old style reel seat calls for a heavier reel.

You can see in the above picture the difference in the reel seat between a Superfine Trout Bum 761-4 and the Superfine Touch 761-4.

Another winning in the Superfine Touch is its list price, at 475 US dollars you can’t go wrong with a rod so packed with nice features, including titanium nitrite guides, gold ferrule alignment dots, classic unsanded blanks, orange wraps with gold tipping. That’s around 150 US dollars down from it previous brother the Superfine Trout Bum!

At the river

All of you reading this have to keep in mind that my view of this rod may differ from yours in a lot of ways, everyone has different likes and dislikes, different expectations, different casting strokes even different amount of experience fishing UL fly rods.

When I first get the rod at my office I was very exited, I build it right there for the classic indoor fly shop test that doesn’t tell you a lot but gives you a little “taste” of it. At that very moment I though to myself… mmm full flex, it feels good.

Thanks to Bear´s Den for their business!

That very evening, at my house, I loaded it with a Sage 3100 reel with a 1 wt line in it, lawn cast it to feel it the way it should be feel a rod, with a reel and a line in it. It was love at the first cast! What I dislike at that time was the line going through the guides, it feel sticky, so I’ve changed the line to another brand and solve that out.

On Saturday that week I went to a creek near home to field test it, what a joy. The new line works quite nice with the rod and the rod feels so nice and crisp. It was a joy to cast and fish. Because the delicacy it has to present the fly that morning I only fish the dry fly.

It was a great morning on a beautiful creek near home, the trout was eager to chase my flies, tiny #14 dries and up. The creek is a small one, so you need to cast short distance to reach the pools, eddies and runs. Some pools are very clear and to fish them your best approach is from 30 or40 feet down the river, casting upstream to spooky trout. The Superfine Touch works wonders on both situations in the river.

Near mid day, some wind start to blown up, but it wasn’t a handicap with this rod either.

Wrapping up, the rod is a wonderful rod, I really love it in every way. I toss some weighted nymphs too without a problem at all. If you are in the market for a 1wt ultra light fly fishing rod for small rivers and creeks, look no further.


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