A couple of days ago I’ve get a package from the mailman that was from Waterworks-Lamson. Exited about it I opened it up and realized that it was some spare parts I asked for to the warranty department, use them right away to get back my trusty reel in to working order Sonrisa


This is the second time in my fly fishing life that I have to “call” to the warranty department on Waterworks-Lamson, the first time being my mistake doing some stuff on the breaking system of a Lamson Guru reel. I send the reel back to them and they delivered it two weeks later in perfect working order for free!!! I don’t have to even pay for the repair.

This second time has to do because the constant use I bring to the trusty Lamson ULA Purist 1, the clicker and the O ring needs a change because of the use on the reel every time I fish: strip line and also take the reel apart every time I get home to clean it (now and then I put a little drop of Abbu-Garcia reel lube).

I’m so happy to have this reel back in working order, its my favorite reel along the Sage 3100 to fly fish on ultra light equipment (0, 1 and 2 weight rods).

P1000159 (Large)

So this is my thank you Waterworks Lamson to step up to your customers Caluroso

P1000151 (Large)


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