Totaled Ride

My old fly fishing and adventure companion was totaled on December 8th 2012, so here is part of the story and a farewell to it.

This car take me to great adventures around Chile and Argentina and despite not being a real 4×4 I could drive far and beyond, discovering new water and fly fishing destinations at the north and south of Chile and the central and south part of Argentina.

On December 8th 2012 I was discovering new waters near San Pedro de Atacama at the north of Chile, the destination was a very small creek that serpent the hills near the frontier with Bolivia. So after I leave my son at San Pedro I headed up to these hills, the scenery was beautiful

Full with Llamas and small rainbow trout on the tiny creek

The day was perfect, despite the fact that was raining, with a refreshed soul late in the evening I head down to pick up my son at San Pedro

Blame it to the rain or to the man behind the steering wheel, shit happens and the end result was a totaled car in the middle of nowhere, with no cellphone signal and nobody going up or down the road

So I pick up my fly fishing equipment and start to walk myself out of there towards San Pedro, two hours later I can pick cellphone signal and call my son and get myself out of it.

The lesson was learned the hard way, right know I’m learning HAM radio so I can be more prepared the next time, you never know when shit happens, sadly it never tells you beforehand.

The good thing about this is that I can get myself a new ride, one I was dreaming about since 2008 and I’m back on business exploring new waters in the driest desert in the world.

I also make a video so you can see some places I was taken by the “turtle” as some friends at the Ultra Light Fly Fishing Forum name it after my car accident

Turtle adventures before it passed away by his driver 😦

Keep coming to see the new ride and the beginning of new adventures on it Smile


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