Discovering new water, at least for me ;)

After totaling my old ride I score my dreamed one, since the former was insured and as I had some funds on my bank account… It was a full month without my fly fishing fix, as soon as I can, I loaded my new ride with a tent, sleeping bag, fly fishing gear, some snacks and a full anxiety to get my butt in to new water I was researching using satellite technology (read Google earth).

Since I don’t have a picture showing the car fill up process with camping and fly fishing gear, I introduce you to it near the drop off point where I set up my camp and started the searching quest for trout

As these kind of research involves some previous knowledge on the area, so you don’t reach a seasonal stretch of water, I remember my car accident and some shit chatting with some policemen that helps me out, adding to it the same day fly fishing adventure knowledge on the small creek near the Bolivia limits. With this hints on my favor, I was able to set the course on the GPS and arrive to where I wanted, or at least 2 miles from it.

As I approached the spot I can see through the canon a more plentiful creek where I can try my skills to fool those living within.

Let be honest, I do not set up camp right away… what I do is jump into my waders, load a heavy rod (GLoomis Metolious Presentation 803-3) for my usually go to rod (Orvis Superfine Touch 601-3) and headed to the creek. I selected that rod because of the strong winds at 14.000 feet above sea level, and because there was an alert from the weather advisors of some storms forming where I want to go.

My first inspection nearby the water, was to look for rises… as I don’t see any I pick up some algae and gladly notice some kind of gray scuds, make a nymph selection and start casting before some couple of miles walking down the river so I can cover it up on my way up of it.

Some half an hour later it was fish on Smile

And not to my surprise the size of the locals was above the mean size of the Loa River. It was difficult to get used to the heavier rod I was not using since 4 years ago, but when I landed this one… I remember how much I loved this one rod and also remembered why I have 2 of them as if  I broke it, G Loomis stands by its warranty and replace it with a newer model I don’t like as much as I like this.

The rain didn’t stop for a moment and soon I realized I put my equipment but the thermos… Oh man, it was cold… round 40°f, add to it the wind and the thermic sensation must be near freezing.

The good thing was that the fishing was good and from time to time I forgot every thing about chilling and rain and work… and suddenly I hook up my personal record on the Chilean desert

I can tell you it was over 2 pounds… but I don’t have a scale with me… I never do Smile with tongue out

To give some spice to this story I can tell you that the creek is beautiful with some mind blowing rock formations as this one

A great cold and rainy day… so when my clock hit the 1900 mark I call it a day and move my self up the canon to set up camp and take a long nap Open-mouthed smile

The good thing about my camping gear is that I choose a 0°F rated sleeping bag… add to it a self inflated mattress and it was almost a perfect night. The only drawback was the thin air… that wake me up at the middle of the night with a strong headache that some couple of Tylenols solve in a breeze.

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5 Responses to Discovering new water, at least for me ;)

  1. That sir, is the life. Love everything about this post, save for the altitude headache of course. My buddy is going to get an FJ pretty soon, and I am decidedly jealous. But he will take me camping, and of course fishing. It’s all good.

  2. Cristian says:

    Felicitaciones por tu blog, fué una grata sorpresa saber que por estos lados también se puede practicar este hermoso deporte… saludos

  3. dale says:

    Great blog! Love your fishing places! I’m an avid fly fisher myself and I appreciate the skill needed to catch trout.

    Great looking FJ also!



  4. Greg Sheu says:

    Hi, I was searching Trout Bum 1WT and the link brings me here. Also, I saw your posts on ultralightflyfishing forum. You seem to have Gloomis 9ft 5wt Whisper Creek. How do you like it? I am having an offer from that rod now. Thanks for all the reviews. I’ve enjoyed reading it.

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