PIAA Fog Lights Install on FJ Cruiser–Non invasive

Hi, I want to share the process on installing PIAA Fog Lights on my FJ Cruiser (6MT – 2013), the goal here was to do it without drilling a hole in my ride, besides two small ones to mount the lights on the stock bumper. So I do my research on the FJ Cruiser Forum and on the web.

PIAA FJ Cruiser Light Kit

There is a Toyota fog light kit somewhere but as I could not find it to purchase it on-line I go with PIAA and a special part number designed to fit the stock front bumper on the FJ. But I use some part numbers designed to the Toyota fog light kit that I was able to find on-line.

With this research I was able to mount all the OEM fog light wiring, switch, relay and fuse without not even a scratch on the FJ

OEM Parts:

  1. Outside wiring: PT297-35070-LH (eBay Item Number: 221178438916)
  2. Inside wiring: PT297-35070-SH (eBay Item Number: 321086366393)
  3. Light switch: PT297-35070-AS (eBay Item Number: 221215299054)
  4. Relay: PT297-89016 (I don’t found it on eBay so I bought it from www.toyotapart.com)

PIAA fog light kit for FJ Cruiser:

PIAA Toyota FJ Cruiser 520 SMR Lamp Kit Xtreme White: 5298

Total cost: 320 US$

Some useful manuals:

  1. Installing Toyota auxiliary lamps
  2. PIAA 520 series installation manual
  3. FJ Cruiser dash, console and door panel removal
  4. Removing the top grille (the video also shows how to remove the headlights)


Reading the above manuals you don’t need me anymore, but I’ll assume that a guideline after reading the manuals with pictures doesn’t hurt. I’m not going into details on how to remove the dash, center console and the low right pillar / steering wheel base as its very clear from manual N°1 and step by step pictures in manual N°3 stated above.

The difficult part, at least for me, was to locate the male plug where you should insert one of the extremes of the inside wiring kit, because its hidden behind some other wires. As you can see in this picture, at the center, behind the big black cable there is a white socket. That socket is where you need to insert on of the extremes of the inside wiring kit. You can guide yourself by the other protruding connected socket to the right and also is up from the driver floor about 4 or 5 inches.

With that in your mind is time to move to de center console and insert the switch in the left lower corner of the buttons arrangement. I don’t know why it sits there, I just follow the manual instructions. Then I plugged one end of the inside wiring kit, don’t worry you can’t make it wrong and move my way from there to bring the other extreme to the socket pictured above. I do it as stated in the manual N°1

Here is a tricky part also, as this kit doesn’t come with the t-snaps to connect them to the green and white&green wire on the gray connector for the RR Diff Lock button as stated in the manual. So I did a trick using some spare wire, as you can see below.

Then I inserted the copper ends to the grey socket in the corresponding wire colors, the purple goes to the green and the brown to the white&green. Then secured them with some tape.

So that’s it in this part of the FJ, as you can see the color doesn’t match right on with the other buttons… but I think is a matter of time to get even or at least not so contrasting.

Then secure, mount everything back and go to the front. Open the hood and locate the male connector near the XXXX an plug the only female connector in the outside wiring kit. I do remove the battery to route the cable and use some plastic snaps already there with other wiring.

Then I pass it through the top just beneath the top harness in front of the refrigeration grille as stated in the manual.

In case you notice it, yes I put a high pitch horn besides the factory one too. Later on I moved it below alongside the winch wiring.


Before I put the PIAA lights on I painted the metal brackets black, you also gonna need 6mm bolts (included) to secure the brackets to the FJ structure, then drill a hole on both sides to mount the lights.

When the lights where secured y use some trick to connect the lights to the outside wiring kit already mounted and that was to cut all off and put some electrical junctions and then use electrical tape to secure them

The final part of all of this was to put the relay and the fuse on the firewall just behind the battery. First was the relay

An then the fuse

To be sure that everything is in order I test the whole set up and adjust the eight of the lights against a wall.

Here you can see the switch lighted with the PIAA lights off

Here you can see the switch lighted with a green light indicating the lights are working, if I remove the fuse (or burn them as happens to me twice because reverse polarity on the light wires connected to the exterior wires) the green light don’t light up.

An lastly the thing working:

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6 Responses to PIAA Fog Lights Install on FJ Cruiser–Non invasive

  1. Vasilis says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this manual. Exactly what I needed.

  2. Al Rubin says:

    Thanks! Saved me a whole bunch of trial and error. When I bought the light kit, it didn’t even occur to me to try to create a “hybrid” setup with the Toyota switch and relay.

  3. This does not seem to be for FOG Lights. This appears to be for DRIVING Lights. My reasoning it that it is for high mounted lights and on with high beams. For driving in fog iI believe the desire is for low mounted lights that would be on either with Low beams of separately from other lights. Good write up for driving light installation.

    • Daniel Sicuro says:

      Finally someone understands fog lights and how they work. What gets me is on most other vehicles with factory installed fog lights, they only work when the headlights age on which defeats the purpose of low mounted lights that light up the road under the fog instead of lighting the fog up.

  4. Christopher Brown says:

    With it wired like this, do the fog lights work with high beams or low beams?

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