Help save the Golden Trout and the very first Golden Trout

Sierra Nevada‘s Volcano Creek is home of the very first Golden Trout…’Protogolden’. Today less than two dozen protogoldens remain. Help spread the word and make your contribution to make this happen. No matter if you’re from California (USA) or from any other place in the world, some being is threatened by humans… be more human and help to give the golden trout a chance to survive


Keith Brauneis Productions and Caltrout will create a short film about Golden Trout that will raise awareness of this magnificent fish, its habitat and its plight. We will submit to F3T and Wild & Scenic film tours (having aired with them last year) among other tours. We will examine current conditions and determine future threats to this species. The story of the California Golden Trout will be the over arching theme and will unfold within a real life adventure story about six men’s quest to find liquid gold in the great American west.


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